ALPSAT Dsb Rf Modulator

AS401-HDMI Rf Modulator converts DVR, NVR, Satellite Receiver’s HDMI outputs to Rf TV signal.



AS401-HDMI device is a programmable modulator device used to convert HDMI output signals such as DVR, NVR, Satellite Receiver into RF TV signal. HDMI images received on this channel are monitored on UHF-S-VHF TV standards. Produced with double side band technology, wall type device has filtered 4 bands output.


576-720-1080 HDMI Systems
Transmission of Security Camera Images
Small Diameter Tv Distribution Systems
Closed Circuit Info Channel Distributions
12 Volt Output for Cctv Cameras


Video Input              : 576-720-1080 HDMI
Band                       : VHF I-III – S – UHF
Frequency               : 45-860 Mhz
Rf Output                : ~90 dBuV
Rf Attenuation         : ~20db
Tv Standart             : PAL B/G, D/K, I
Filters                      : 4 Band
Supply In                 : DC 12V 1A
Supply Out              : DC 12V 600mAh
Power Supply          : 110V-220VAC / 12V-1A

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