ALPSAT Indoor 2-way 32dB Amplifier

AS-320R Two-Way In-House CableTv Booster with 32dB gain Cable TV infrastructures can be used.



AS-320R Indoor Cable Tv Amplifier With a 32dB gain, Cable Tv is produced for high efficiency distribution of broadcasts in massive residential areas, shopping centers and work places. This device can be used in all residential areas with Analog CATV and QAM Digital Headend systems or satellite center systems.


Cable Tv Distribution Systems
Analog & Qam Headend Systems
Cable Internet Distribution Systems
VHF-UHF Terresterial Rf Systems
Building, Hotel and Apartments Rf Systems


Foward Band Range : 85-860 Mhz
Gain Accuracy          : 32 dB
Gain Slope                : ±1 dB
Gain Settings            : 0-20 dB
Output Level             : max.102 dBuV
Return Band Range  : 5-65 Mhz
Return Band Gain     : 18 dB
Noise Ratio               : <10 dB
Loss Ratio                : >15 dB
Input Voltage            : AC165v-250v
Power Consumption : 8W
Sizes                         : 78x100x55mm

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