IPC-ONVIF-AHD-CVI-TVI-HDMI-ANALOG input 7″ Cctv Camera Test Monitor



AS33-IPCX series CCTV camera tester is developed for the on-site installation and maintenance of IP, Analog, Coaxial HD camera and Network cables, with video display, magnification, record and playback, video snapshot or screen snapshot, PTZ control, RS485 data transmission, PING test, IP address scan, LED lamp, etc. The new developed functions include coaxial TVI CVI AHD camera test, PoE power output, PSE voltage check, HDMI video input test, TDR cable breakpoint test.The new tester designed with easy operation and portability makes it simple for a CCTV technician or installer to install and maintain CCTV systems, improving work efficiency by reducing time in the field.

AS33-IPCX (8)


  • 7 inch full-view IPS screen, resolution 1920*1200, G + G structure touch screen, hard and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high transmittance
  • 7.4V 7000mAh high-capacity polymer lithium battery, low consumption, screen auto sleep to save power, once charged work continually for 8-10 hours
  • 4K H264/H265/MPEG4/MJPEG IP camera mainstream test
  • CVBS NTSC/PAL format analog camera test
  • Coaxial HD 8MP TVI, 8MP CVI, 5MP AHD camera test
  • PTZ control, support PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG and other more than 30 kinds of protocols
  • Rapid ONVIF, automatically scan camera IP, rapidly play camera video, support camera parameter modification and mobile client installation
  • ONVIF-XVR multiple camera video display, support max 16 IP/CVBS videos display in one screen at the same time
  • Video image zoom, high definition hardware decoder for camera HD video real-time smoothly display, image magnificate max 8 times, support video snapshot or record
  • PoE power and test PSE device power supply status and output 48V/24W standard PoE power for camera
  • USB 5V/2A power output, supply power for camera or charge mobile phone, also used to connect keyboard, mouse or U disk device (new function)
  • One channel audio input, support audio recording, one channel output for earphone
  • HDMI input, test DVR, support 1080P 60fps (new function)
  • Network cable test, check cable connection status and wire sequence, etc
  • Internal SD CARD 8G storage and external replaceable MicroSD card
  • FTP tool, transfer files in LAN freely without SD card reader
  • 10/100/1000M Ethernet interface, built-in 150M wireless WIFI, support WIFI hotspot
  • IP address scan tool, rapidly search out camera or other device IP address
  • PING tool, easy to check Ethernet connection status
  • Screen mirroring function, support IOS, Android, WP, black berry etc
  • Bright white LED lamp, easy to work in dark area
  • DC12V/2A, DC24V/1A power output, supply temporary power for all kinds of cameras including PTZ
  • Support Turkish, English, Spanish and other more than 10 kinds of languages, Built-in multi-language electronic manual
  • Built-in explorer, RTSP player and other Android applications
  • Support software online or local upgrade.


Product Model  ALPSAT AS33-IPCX
Touch Screen  7 inch G + G structure capacitive screen
LCD Screen  7 inch resolution 1920*1200 IPS HD full view
Ethernet Port  10 / 100 / 1000M adaptive
WIFI  Built-in wireless WIFI, speed 150M
IP Camera Test  4K 8MP camera resolution, video image real-time display without delay, support video snapshot, video recording and playback
ONVIF  ONVIF tool, support DAHUA, HIKVISION, ACTI, SAMSUNG and other more than 30 manufacturer private protocols and customizable, support camera mobile client installation
PTZ Control  Support more than 30 protocols including PELCO-D / P, Samsung, Panasonic, etc
CVBS Analog Test  1 channel CVBS analog input, support PAL / NTSC format self-adaption
HD Camera Test  Support HD TVI 8MP, CVI 8MP, AHD 5MP
Video Image Zoom  Real-time enlarge moving HD video image, max enlarge 8 times
Cable Test  Built-in cable testing tool, check cable sequence and breakpoint, etc
Audio Test  One channel audio signal input for testing, can be recorded and saved, one channel audio output for connecting earphones
DC12V Power Output  DC12V power output, max current 2A, provide temporary power for cameras
DC24V Power Output  DC24V power output, max current 1A, provide temporary power for cameras
PoE Power Output  48V standard PoE output, provide PoE power for cameras
DC5V Power Output  Provide temporary power for USB-powered cameras or emergency power for mobile phones, max current 2A
HDMI Video Input Test  Input HD video image into instrument to test video recorder
RS485 Serial Port Tool  Send or receive any data or hex data
Power Charger  DC12V/2A
Battery  7.4V polymer lithium battery, capacity 7000mAh, work for 8-10 hours
Language  Turkish, English, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Polish, Korean, Japanese and Italian languages
Internal SD Storage  8GB
Working Temperature  -10℃–+50℃
Working Humidity  30%–90%
External Size  23cm×14cm×4.5cm
Net Weight  0.9kg


1 pcs AS33IPCX CCTV camera test monitor
1 black carrying case
1 bag hanger
2 device neck straps
1 device hand strap
1 x 12V-2A Charge Adapter
1 camera power cable
1 RS485 cable
1 Bnc Video cable
1 x RJ45 Lan cable tester
1 x 7.4V-7000mAh Battery (built-in)

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