ALPSMART Touch Wi-Fi Smart Curtain Switch

You can control your curtains and blinds with your smartphone at any time via Wi-Fi.

Alpsmart smart Wi-fi curtain switch… It provides the opportunity to control the curtains, roller blinds or blinds in your home or workplace from where you sit. With the Alpsmart Turkish mobile application for curtain motors with motion control, you can turn your curtain switch on and off from any place at any time. If you wish, you can create different scenario modes or automate your curtains according to the sunrise and sunset times by setting the location. Alpsmart Curtain Switch, which provides a decorative and stylish appearance with its crystal glass surface, is very easy to install and install, and it is sufficient to have a wi-fi connection in the environment.



Compatible with Google Home. You can control Alpsmart Products with voice commands.



Compatible with Amazon Echo. You can control Alpsmart Products with voice commands.


Product: Touch Wi-Fi Smart Curtain Switch
Panel : Crystal Glass
Color: White
Type: EU Standart
Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4G
Power Consuption: <0.1mW
Working Temperature: -30~+70 °C
Mechanical Life: 100.000 times
Open/Close Time: 4 Minutes
Max Voltage: 250VAC
Max Load: 1000W
Sizes: 86mm X 86mm X 40mm


-Easy control (timing,turn on/off) on your curtains over the phone whenever or wherever;
-Quick and easy setup with the phone APP, work through the Wi-Fi connection;
-Different scene modes;
-Works with Amazon Alexa; Google Home.


Warning: Your Smart Curtain Switch will not work without a Phase and Neutral connection. Make sure that there are Phase and Neutral cables in the junction box where you connect your Smart Curtain Switch.

Motorized Curtain Connection:

To turn your curtain on / off, you can touch the ON / OFF icons on the switch or command OPEN / CLOSE / PAUSE on the phone.

Roller Blind Connection:

To turn your Roller Blind on / off, you can touch the ON / OFF icons on the Switch or command OPEN / CLOSE / PAUSE on the phone. Connection type is as follows.



1 x Touch Wi-Fi Smart Curtain Switch
1 x Manual
2 x Screws

Product Introduction Video



Mobile App

DOWNLOAD Alpsmart Mobile App on Google Play Store and Apple Store NOW and start using it!

Alpsmart products are smart wifi devices that can be used by everyone with the Plug and Play concept. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. In this way, apart from the Alpsmart application, you can control your smart home products with voice commands.

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