Discover the unique features of the Smart Wi-Fi Gate Access Controller!

ALPSMART AS532 Wi-Fi Standalone Proximity Card and Password Reader with a capacity of 2000 users is a product with a stylish design and IP68 waterproof case designed for access control. It is a relay (dry contact) reader with the feature of opening turnstiles / doors / barriers with card and password access. AS532 proximity card reader has fast operating performance. It has a card reader used as a button, turnstile and door opening feature. The reader, which has a backlight, reacts with the LED on every transaction. ALPSMART AS530 proximity card reader is used at all kinds of doors and points that do not require recording. At the same time, it can be included in the access control system by connecting to the access control panel with Wiegand 26/34 out. It can be controlled with a mobile phone by connecting to the ALPSMART Platform via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

With these features, the AS532 Proximity card reader is an ideal product that can be used in access control not only for small workplaces, houses, apartments and site management, but also for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, laboratories, banks and prisons. You can record logins/logouts via the application, assign passwords to users through the application, and allow these users to use the passwords within a certain period of time.



Compatible with Google Home. You can control Alpsmart Products with voice commands.



Compatible with Amazon Echo. You can control Alpsmart Products with voice commands.


Operating Voltage: DC 12V ±10%
User Capacity: 2000
Card Reading Distance: 3-6 cm
Active Current: 60mA
Idle Current: 25±5 mA
Lock Output Load: Maximum 3A
Alarm Output Load: Maximum 20A
Operating Temperature: -45°C / +60°C
Operating Humidity: 10-90% RH
Adjustable Door Relay Time: 0 -99 seconds
Wi-Fi 2.4G connection.


In environments where control of entrances and exits is required
automatic doors
private rooms
house entrances
Entries requiring remote control
Maid entrances
Entry Exit Recording
AirBnB Houses and Guest Houses


Waterproof and conforms to IP68
Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
Full programming from keypad
2000 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
Supports PIN giving via App.
It allows users to run PINs within a certain time period.
It supports recording and tracking via the application.
Can be used as a standalone keypad
Backlight keys
Wiegand 26 input for connection to external reader
Wiegand 26 output for connection to a controller
Adjustable Door Exit time, Alarm time, Door Open time
Very low power consumption (30mA)
Fast operating speed with 2000 users, <20ms
Lock output current short circuit protection
Easy to install and program
Built-in light dependent resistor (LDR) for tamper protection
Built-in buzzer
Red, Yellow and Green LEDs indicate operating status


1 Control Device
1 Cable connection
1 Set of Screws
1 User and Installation guide


Mobile App

DOWNLOAD Alpsmart Mobile App on Google Play Store and Apple Store NOW and start using it!

Alpsmart products are smart wifi devices that can be used by everyone with the Plug and Play concept. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. In this way, apart from the Alpsmart application, you can control your smart home products with voice commands.

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